Artsreach Ambassadors

Wed 2 Mar 2022

What is an Artsreach Ambassador?

Artsreach already works with a network of community volunteers, called promoters, who are responsible for organising and running Artsreach events within their own communities. They often have a team of volunteers around them, made up of local residents.

An Artsreach Ambassador is a way for individuals who want to volunteer for Artsreach to support us in other ways; Ambassadors are dedicated supporters of Artsreach who are keen to actively promote our charity at grassroots level, spreading the word and helping with a variety of things out in the public eye. You can find examples of what being an Ambassador might entail in the downloadable PDF below.

Who would make a good Ambassador?

If you are passionate about Artsreach, have a desire to support the vibrant and active arts and culture scene in rural Dorset and are willing to give a few hours of your time voluntarily each year, you are absolutely the right person to join the team!

Anyone can get involved as an Artsreach Ambassador, whatever your background or experience. We require Ambassadors to be over 18 years of age (or accompanied by an adult if aged 16/17).