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This page is designed to give you a little background information on what rural touring is, how Artsreach works, how we select work for inclusion in our menu and how to apply.

We encourage applications to be submitted between October and March.

Due to the amount of unsolicited information we receive we are unable to reply to every application.

Before applying to tour with Artsreach we recommend finding out a little more about rural touring and the way in which schemes like ours work by reading the information below and watching our short film. 

If you have not been involved with rural touring before, we strongly suggest you consider becoming a member of the National Rural Touring Forum (NRTF), where you will then have access to lots of resources and information about this amazing sector.

Please read these important documents:

Rural Touring in a Nutshell

How do artists get bookings?

  • Artsreach recommends companies and artists to its volunteer promoters through an annual 'menu'.
  • Published in May, the menu gives details of all productions available for communities to host between October of that year through to the following Easter. 
  • Our volunteer promoters select the shows they would like to host in their community, and we then liaise with performers and promoters to arrange available dates.
  • Our Performance Programme is published three times a year; the autumn programme covers September to December; the spring programme covers January to Easter (varying between March/April) and the summer programme covers April to August.

How do we select work for inclusion in our Menu?

Artsreach selects performances through recommendation and research, using information gathered from other touring schemes, our promoters, mainstream venues, showcases, other companies and by investigating unsolicited information sent to us.

We select work from both new and returning companies based locally, regionally, nationally and internationally, to provide a high quality and diverse menu of professional events for promoters to choose from. It is important to us that the productions on offer are appealing to a wide-ranging audience, and are interesting, engaging, entertaining and memorable. 

Artsreach welcomes work for consideration from all cultural sectors, and we encourage cultural diversity when offering experiences for our audiences.

Do you think rural touring is for you?

Please ensure you have read the Important Information for Artists document.

We request that companies submit touring information to us using the company information sheet below, along with examples of images and publicity etc.

Information should be submitted by the end of March.

Please note: because of the amount of unsolicited information we receive about shows, we cannot respond to every application.

Artsreach Performers Application Form