Early Years Music

Early Years Music - 2004

Artsreach worked with 6 rural pre-schools to develop a fun and creative Early Years Music programme. Nickie Fidgin and Gill Bough of Playsongs Plus led this innovate project, which included a specially designed programme of training and support for pre-school staff and volunteers together with a fantastic resource box of instruments, CD’s and books for each pre-school to keep.

The results of this project exceeded all expectations – school staff developed confidence and expertise in planning and leading excellent music sessions, and the general level of expectation of what children can achieve soared, with spin-offs in all areas of their work; children who struggle to concentrate for long periods of time were happily engaged in 45 minute music sessions; they learnt to take turns and share; gross and fine motor co-ordination developed; listening, communication and language skills all improved and there was been an overall increase in confidence and motivation. The pre-schools were left with the resources and expertise needed to run varied and interesting music sessions, and music was to be integrated throughout future pre-school sessions. Above all, the children embraced a huge enjoyment of music, including listening to classical music.

This project transformed the way music was used in the pre-schools that were engaged: Winfrith Newburgh, Stower Vale in Stour Provost, Syding Springs in Sydling St Nicholas, The Chase Nursery in Sixpenny Handley, Stepping Stones in Sturminster Newton and Fontmell Magna Under Fives.