A Song for Dorset

First premiered online on Wednesday 4 August 2021, 12.30pm

A new Song for Dorset, When Time Lost Its Edge, has been composed by Karen Wimhurst and is performed by Palida Choir, VIVA! Dorchester Women’s Choir, Dorset County Hospital Staff Choir, BSO Voices and students from Thomas Hardye School, Dorchester as part of a national project led by Sound UK.

Writing a song to reflect people’s time during the Covid-19 pandemic in Dorset, Karen invited people in Dorset to answer 3 simple questions;

  • How have you found the passage of time in lockdown?
  • What have you done to pass the time in lockdown?
  • Moving beyond this time, what is one thing you’d like to take with you to shape a positive future?  

 With lyrics drawn directly from people’s words, the result is a song capturing their diverse experiences and hopes for the future.

About A Song For Us

A national music project marking this historic time, A Song for Us celebrates our communities and the power of music to bring us together.

Conceived and produced by Sound UK, A Song for Us uses music to bear testimony to a time like no other. A Song for Us is a collection of music that encapsulates the wide range of experiences and emotions we have lived and are living through during the Covid-19 pandemic. It reminds us of the positives, celebrates those to who we owe so much and bears witness to people’s losses and struggles. 

The project aimed to bring artists and communities together, despite being apart; to create a musical time capsule of what we all desperately hope will be a once in a generation event.

Leading singer-songwriters and composers have been commissioned by Sound UK and local partners to create new songs. Inspired by the people of our counties, each song is performed by local choirs and ensembles.

About Karen Wimhurst

Karen Wimhurst is a widely commissioned composer ranging from chamber works to music theatre, theatre and large-scale, collaborative productions. She has been commissioned by festivals and ensembles throughout Britain with performances by the Bournemouth Sinfonietta, Grimethorpe Brass Band, Welsh National Opera, and the Scottish Chamber Orchestra among others. Eclectic in nature, her own distinctive music manifests diverse traditional and jazz influences alongside a strong grounding in contemporary classical music. A passionate environmental activist, she has worked in many cross disciplinary collaborations. www.karenwimhurst.co.uk

Produced by Sound UK in partnership with Artsreach and Lighthouse, Poole’s centre for the arts.