Tales from the Village

Thu 11 Jun 2020

Artsreach is producing a series of articles about our rural communities: their past, their present, and their future...

Without our amazing network of volunteer promoter groups and local audiences there simply wouldn't be an Artsreach. Now more than ever we need to celebrate our rural communities, and maintain that direct connection that has been so affected by the current climate.

'Tales from the Village' will be a way to come together and share stories and experiences directly from the communities we love so dearly. Nobody knows local history better than the people living in our towns and villages - so we need YOUR help!

We are looking for photos (old and new) of your community, its people, its buildings and history. We want to hear fun facts, tall tales, folklore, points of historical interest, and true stories.

If you’d like to be involved with this creative project, please send relevant photos of your community/village hall with any accompanying stories or text to nicole@artsreach.co.uk along with your name, the name of your community and any other details you think are relevant for the article by 8 July 2020. Alternatively, send an email to the address above expressing your interest and Nicole will be in touch to hear your stories.

We will then compile a shortlist of the best stories and share these in a variety of ways in July - watch this space!