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It’s 1971 and, straight out of school, Aggy McGraw gets a job at Fairfields shipyard in Govan a week before the new Tory government decides to stop investment in ‘lame duck’ industries, including shipbuilding on the Clyde. Facing an uncertain future, with nothing to lose except her job, Aggy is swept up into the famous ‘Work In’ to demonstrate that shipbuilding has a future, and that the jobs, traditions, skills and communities can be saved.

Using a blend of live music and powerful storytelling, Yes! Yes! U.C.S! is a celebration of the community solidarity and collective resistance inspired and led by Upper Clyde Shipbuilders’ shop stewards Jimmy Reid and Jimmy Airlie, attracting national and international support that led to victory in the fight for Right to Work.

Suitable 8+

"A company making a name for delivering, vivid politically committed theatre" 

The Observer

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Dates & Times

Fri 18th Mar 2022 7:30pm Royal Manor TheatrePortlandBook
Sat 19th Mar 2022 7:30pm Studland Village HallSwanageBook