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"Honour? There's no such thing"

Ben Jonson's classic satire of cunning and greed is brought vividly to life by African Caribbean theatre company Tangle.

Volpone is rich - filthy rich. For him the glory of accumulating wealth is more thrilling than its simple possession. In lust for more he and his assistant, the rascal Mosca, swindle three of the wealthiest men in the city, each believing they are his sole heirs.

Daring trickery and avarice ensues in this bitingly fresh version of Ben Jonson's comedy.

Inspired by Southern African Township Theatre, a multi-skilled ensemble of three actors performs to an enticing backdrop of jazz-fusion, delivered with Tangle's trademark dynamism. Suitable 13+


Dates & Times

Fri 6th Mar 20207:30pm The ExchangeSturminster NewtonBook