You Don't Know Me But...

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‘You Don’t Know Me But…’ is a new Telephone Theatre play, written and performed by winning theatre maker Sophia Hatfield and directed by Olivier Award Winning Theatre and BBC Radio Director Gwenda Hughes

You will receive a phone call from a friendly stage manager who will welcome you to The Telephone Theatre. Settle down in the comfort of your own home and listen in to this live audio theatre experience, all performed over the phone.

The sound of an excited audience takes over and gradually hushes as the show begins.

You’re met by Vick, rushing through breakfast and getting ready to leave for work. As you follow her into the car and into work, you hear her thoughts and feelings as she goes about her day.

Vick is a care worker in a residential home. As her working day progresses, hear her running from place to place, helping residents to dress, keeping them calm and offering a friendly ear to talk to. But today, something is different. The day’s encounters gradually uncover a deeply hidden memory and Vick finds herself transported back to her childhood, where a traumatic incident changes her outlook forever...

“Beautifully presented. The atmosphere of theatre, with a lovely individual experience.”

Audience Member, July 2020

This intimate one-woman audio play is performed live over the phone, giving audience members a unique and moving theatre experience in their own homes at a time when live face-to-face theatre performance is not possible.

This performance has been created following an in-depth period of research; a series of interviews, conversations and memory box activities have uncovered real stories of care from staff and residents at a private care home in Stoke-on-Trent. Whilst the story is fictional, the themes and issues faced by the characters in the piece are based on real conversations with real people, shedding a light on the real value of care in society and giving a voice to hidden stories.

Using live music, beautiful writing and immersive sound effects, this is a unique approach to socially distanced theatre.

Suitable for ages 16+, especially those with experience of caring
Estimated running time: 20mins




27 March - 4 time slots available

28 March - 5 time slots available

Please note that your name and telephone number will be shared with Stute Theatre upon booking.

Dates & Tickets

Telephone Slots between 3pm-7pm on 15, 16, 26, 27 and 28 March Telephone PerformanceBook