Coulter's Candy

Ellen RentonThis event has now finished

Over the next six weeks we are pleased to be supporting our friends at Spot On Lancashire with a brand new season of Spot On Shorts; short films made by artists and designed to give you ten minutes out of your day to lose yourself in a really good story...

Coulter's Candy is story about four strong women. Resilient woman. Woman who, in some way, can teach us about the world. Ellen Renton takes a 19th century jingle – a song to sell candy, still sung as a lullaby in Scotland as her starting point. Learn about Mum, Ruby, Han Lou and Granny, sofas, porridge and Murray Mints in a handbag. Expect mesmerizing and reflective poetry from Edinburgh straight to your home.

Suitable for ages 10+

Launches: 7pm on Thursday 29 October

Available until: Friday 27 November