Another Planet

The GramophonesThis event has now finished

An audio adventure for an adult and child to experience together

Ever wondered what it would be like to travel through space? When you buy a ticket for Another Planet we’ll mail you a package containing everything you’ll need to create your own interplanetary adventure. We need the bravest galactic explorers for a mission to investigate Another Planet and find out if humans could survive there!

All you’ll need to do is to download an audio track, and visit a nearby green public space to experience the adventure. You’ll collect important scientific samples, dodge alien invasions and delve deep underground to discover more about the mysterious planet you land on. Audio guide Astrid the Galaxy Hopper will take you on your mission as you boldly go where no child has gone before...

Suitable for children aged 7+ and an adult


You will receive a ‘Galac Pack’ in the post and a link to download an audio file. You will need a smartphone or other device to play the audio file. We recommend using two pairs of headphones and a splitter to listen together on one device.

Each pack includes:

  • Printed instructions for how to complete the mission
  • A Galac-pack
  • Space notebook and note taking device
  • Gold visors
  • Handy Galactic scanners
  • Sample bottle
  • Headphone splitter if requested when booking

The audio experience lasts 40 minutes and takes you on a journey through space, landing on another planet. You will be guided to explore this new planet, collecting samples, listening to its sounds, and saving it from Aliens who are about to destroy it.

Your ‘Galac Pack’ will include printed instructions for how to experience the adventure along with items to help with your quest. You can visit a public green space of your choice to conduct your exploration, but please follow the latest government guidance so you stay safe while on your adventure.


You will need to share your address, phone number and email with us when booking. Please be aware it may take up to 10 days after booking to receive your Galac Pack. We recommend using two pairs of headphones and a splitter to listen together on one device or two devices where you press play at the same time.Need a headphone splitter provided? We have a limited number that can be included in your Galac Pack if requested when booking.