Touki - Rights of Passage

Amadou Diagne & Cory SeznecBooking Info

When musicians Amadou Diagne and Cory Seznec had a chance encounter in a bar in Bath in 2007, they knew one day they would record together. Thirteen years later, after many "touki" (journeys), they've embarked on a new musical adventure with a debut album Right of Passage.

After their chance encounter, Amadou put down roots in Bath, got married, had a daughter, recorded solo albums and continued to collaborate with other musicians from Africa and beyond. Cory released a handful of albums with various projects, moved to Ethiopia for several years and traveled extensively before moving to Paris and settling down for a spell with his family.

Now, with the recent support of an Arts Council of England grant, Amadou and Cory have been able to come back together and realise their musical ambition to perform together; following rehearsals in Paris and a recording session at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios in Somerset, their latest album ‘Touki - Rights of Passage’ was created.

Drawing heavily on the traditional music and rhythms of West Africa, the kora dances playfully around banjo and the guitar. The calabash and other percussion add powerful, driving beats, overlaid with entrancing, silky vocals. The influences are many, rather than remaining in any one tradition. The touki brought them together, the touki took them apart. Now the voyagers are reunited with the richness of their various experiences. Who knows what's in store?

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Dates & Times

Thu 9th Dec 2021 7:30pm Langton Matravers Village HallSwanageBook
Fri 10th Dec 2021 7:30pm Winterborne Stickland The Pamela Hambro HallBlandfordBook
Sat 11th Dec 2021 7:30pm Portesham Village HallWeymouthBook