A Christmas Carol

David Mynne Booking Info

Joy to all mankind? Bah!

Spend an evening in the company of a mean, tight-fisted, squeezing, grasping, clutching old miser. Bah!

Watch horrified as Ebenezer Scrooge is haunted by four creepy ghosts (wooo-oooh) each one more terrifying than the last. Bah!

Sob at the bedside of a tiny, malnourished child riven with rickets. Bah!

In their inimitable style, the team that brought you Great Expectations, Dracula and The Odyssey (Greek stuff!) will now take you on a grim journey through the dark, dismal streets of Victorian London, where Ignorance and Want cower together.

This is Dickens’ original words with added silliness. Silliness?  Bah!

Celebrate the festive season with a mesmerising one-man performance of Charles Dickens’ timeless, transformative story: A Christmas Carol. Bah! Humbug!

Suitable for adults and older children (9+)

David Mynne is a Cornish actor and a founder member of Kneehigh.


“A Christmas Carol was beautiful - apparently simple theatre with just one actor but you go home remembering a cast of dozens! He is a genius.”

Director The Plough Arts Centre

Dates & Times

Fri 13th Dec 20197:30pmSixpenny Handley Village HallBook
Sat 14th Dec 20197:30pmShipton Gorge Village HallBridportLimited
Sun 15th Dec 20197:30pmShillingstone The Portman HallBlandfordBook