Supermarket Love Stories

John Osborne Available 26 June - 10 July (online) Booking Info

Stories about supermarkets and the people who use them. We meet the people on the tills, staff with untucked shirts sitting on their kick stools stacking shelves, unrequited love of the cleaning staff. We join them all for a poetry storytelling feast and find that everyone really does have a story to tell.

Inn Crowd 'After Hours' is an online season of live-literature films

Join us online for a showcase of electrifying new work. These events are free, but donations to the Inn Crowd project are welcomed; all money raised will go directly towards bringing live work back into pubs. 

How to view:

Register for the live premiere at 8pm on Saturday 26 June when John invites you to watch the film together.

Alternatively, sign up for a free ticket and watch anytime during the film’s 14-day streaming period.

However you chose to watch, this exciting new content is completely FREE

Dates & Tickets

Available 26 June - 10 July (online) OnlineBook