Sarajevo Big Bang

The Big Bang GangThis event has now finished

A surprising and thrilling performance revealing the modern history of Europe

How could one fatal gunshot in Sarajevo start 'The Great War' and change everybody's life, even yours today?

Through stories, songs and cabaret, meet characters who really only want to live, laugh and love and follow them on a surprising journey through power struggles and secret machinations.

Maria, a professional storyteller and artist, follows the nervous young men of the action group, their pockets loaded with guns, bullets and poison. Staffan is a writer who brings to life the tensions and the historical background of the shot and its Big Bang aftermath. Eva, a singer and actress, uses stories and songs of the time to build an atmosphere that brings you near to these people and their fate.

As tensions mount, be swept along by the magic of these Swedish performers. Suitable 12+

"Many thanks for a super theatre experience that was insightful, intimate and full of surprises"

Audience Member