Ella Mesma Online Thur 19 Nov - Fri 18 Dec Booking Info

Over the last six weeks we have been pleased to be support our friends at Spot On Lancashire with their brand new season of Spot On Shorts; short films made by artists and designed to give you ten minutes out of your day to lose yourself in a really good story...

"We put on our stories and we wear them so tightly.”

Inspired by the lifecycle of the butterfly, dance artist Ella Mesma rolls, twists and weaves a tapestry of movement, words and aerial skills to ask “who could we be if we shed the skin of our old stories?”

Listen carefully, and imagine a world, a silent green world at the beginning of time…

Take a journey with Ella, in this mesmerising and meditative short film that explores what it means to evolve.

Available from Thursday 19 November until Friday 18 December

Suitable for ages 12+

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