One Man & His Cow

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Enjoy a play, a pie and a pint with Living Spit!

A man. A cow. A shed load of trouble.

Trevor loves Judy. Judy loves Trevor. They're best mates. Trouble is, Trevor's family don't approve. They think that Trevor should leave his prize cow alone and get on with looking after his farm. And then Trevor gets some bad news...

The first of Living Spit's celebrated series of 'Animal Plays in Rhyme and Song' (Comedies, Histories and Tragedies had already been snaffled by another playwright), One Man and his Cow is jam-packed with farmyard frolics, agricultural cliches and rural wrong-doings that will mercilessly milk every funny bone in your body. Suitable 8+

Food served ahead of the performance, which starts 30mins after the advertised start time.

Sixpenny Handley

Food now Sold Out!

Contact for show tickets only (£9)


Food now sold out.

Contact for show tickets only (£9)