Magellan - Circumnavigation: We Sail to Prove the Earth is Round

Bob Whitley & Lee MacKenzieThis event has now finished

A story of mutinees, battles, storms, shipwreck, love and loss

On 20 September 1519 an armada of 5 ships set sail from Sanlucar de Barrameda with 260 men aboard, seeking to find a passage through the South American continent. On 8 September 1522 one ship, the Victoria, returned to Spain demasted and wrecked, with 18 circumnavigators on board. Their Captain General Ferdinand Magellan had died in battle on 27 April 1521. They had survived a trip of 3 years and 28 days, of 60000 miles. The circumference of the world was increased by 7000 miles. Their timekeeping by the hourglass and stars was accurate enough to puzzle them as to why they had gained a day by circumnavigating the earth from east to west...

Magellan Circumnavigation is a musical story of love divided by the greatest voyage of human exploration the world has seen. It follows a sailor on the voyage and his wife at home, mirroring the lives of Ferdinand and Beatriz Magellan.

Bob Whitley and Lee MacKenzie combine breathtaking vocal harmonies with intricate guitar and mandola instrumentation to deliver songs inspired by Magellan's voyage 500 years ago.