In Loving Memory Of.....

Jake Oldershaw Online Thur 12 Nov - Fri 11 Dec Booking Info

Over the last six weeks we have been pleased to be support our friends at Spot On Lancashire with their brand new season of Spot On Shorts; short films made by artists and designed to give you ten minutes out of your day to lose yourself in a really good story...

You climb a hill, huffing and puffing all the way up, telling yourself it will be worth it for the view. You reach the top, turn to take in the vista and what do you see? Nothing but a sea of benches.

‘In Loving Memory of…’ is Jake Oldershaw’s, witty call to arms, forget the benches, and accept the nature of all things.

‘In Loving Memory Of…’ is an extract from an Untied Artists show called ‘For Their Own Good’. Contains some mild bad language; suitable for ages 14+

Available from Thursday 12 November until Friday 11 December

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