Mata Hari: Female Spy Company Gavin Robertson

Company Gavin Robertson

“I am a woman who enjoys herself very much; sometimes I lose, sometimes I win.” Mata Hari

The Great War: while millions of men struggle and fight in the mud and hell of the trenches, one woman's story begs to be told. Mata Hari, the most notorious female spy in history. Or was she?

100 years after her execution and inspired by her own words, this is her story. Performer Katharine Mary gives a powerful portrayal of a compelling woman, the world's first femme fatale!

Dancer, lover, confidante and courtesan.From her upbringing in The Netherlands, to Indonesia, and the invention in Paris of her alter-ego, she reflects upon the events that have led her to the firing squad.

With original music and sound design by Danny Bright.