Last Man Standing James Wilton Dance

James Wilton Dance

"One of the country's rising young choreography stars"

David Upton, British Theatre Guide

Last Man Standing draws from the tale of Orpheus and Eurydice, as well as The Last Hero by Terry Pratchett. The work is about living for the moment, about appreciating every second and enjoying life while it lasts. The work follows a female dancer as her world falls apart around her. We follow her through a dark tunnel, to find the beauty of the light at the end.

Flying bodies, last minute catches and an energy you can feel as well as see, Last Man Standing is dance driven by unparalleled energy and athleticism, performed by world class dancers; an international award winning work by rising star, James Wilton. Fast becoming renowned for exhilarating choreography that leaves you breathless, James' work draws on martial arts, break dancing and capoeira to create raw, earthy and ground-breaking performance. All of this propelled by a trademark soundtrack of heavy rock, ambient music and textured soundscapes.

The audience will be absorbed in this edge of the seat physicality, as well as the gripping narrative. They will see dancers fly through the air and land quite literally at their feet. They will experience every drop of sweat, every gasp for air and every finger twitch.Save your breath, it may be your last...